Elsa Brotherus

Elsa Brotherus is a 21-year-old singer-songwriter from Helsinki.

Music and playing instruments have been a part of Brotherus’ life since she was a little girl. The real spark for making music came when she went into the studio with her brother, Johannes Brotherus. The result was her debut single Kämppiksii, released in May 2022, which was featured in YleX‘s Nosteessa -series and charted on several Spotify playlists. In autumn 2022, Brotherus signed a record deal with VILD Music.

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    to 25.01.24

    Tiivistämö (Indie Awards), Helsinki

    la 21.10.23


    la 24.06.23

    Stadin Juhannus, Lonnan saari, Helsinki

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