All Day Agency’s mission is to enrich Finnish culture and cultural creators and to promote equality in the music industry.

We want to be part of creating a richer, more interesting, more equal and safe cultural field for all. We serve our artists, our customers and our audiences with persistence, open honesty and ambition.

We believe that, when well managed, work can be inspiring and happy in our industry. When our work community is doing well, we do our work better every day.

All Day’s values are: UNITY, PROFESSIONALISM, HAPPINESS and LEARNING. We have briefly explained below where each value comes from and how it translates into practice. The values were last reviewed and updated in march 2023.


Inequality is deeply rooted in the fabric of our society. We recognise our power and responsibility to promote equality and safety in the music sector and at music events. We condemn all forms of racism, sexual abuse, mental and physical violence, misogyny, abuse of power, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or any other behaviour that violates human dignity and harms fellow human beings. We actively seek to address grievances and dismantle unequal structures.

You can find the All Day Equality Plan here.


The culture of the music sector needs to be developed in a more professional direction. We help artists to succeed by being goal-oriented, long-term and systematic. We respect the work of our colleagues, the artists we represent and our partners, and expect the same from them in return. We are top professionals in our field and our work is high-quality.


We believe that improving the quality of life of employees is one of the fundamental tasks of a successful organisation. When happiness is at the heart of what our business stands for, the end result is happier lives for employees, the artists we represent and the people we work with. We develop our business in a long-term and open way with the whole work community. Everyone has the freedom to be themselves and the opportunity to make a difference, both in their own work and in the community. Working conditions are safe and supportive.


The development and improvement of culture requires the internalisation of new ideas and skills. Continuous learning is a prerequisite for professionalism and the promotion of equality. We are committed to training, development, learning, listening and, where necessary, looking in the mirror.