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DJ Double M

dj double m
your favourite dj's favourite dj. double m, who has been playing records for over 15 years, is known as a versatile music expert and one of finland's most skilled djs. the so damn tuff and dope hki club resident hosts the rap scholar programme on basso radio.

Dj Orion

dj orion starting in the early nineties from the warehouse raves of the industrial city of tampere, stirring the northern finland electronic music scene at the turn of the millennium, settling down in helsinki in 2006, and living in berlin 2011-2013, orion is still one of the busiest and most relevant djs in finland. probably best known for his over 15-year-long career with the finnish national radio ylex, orion hosts the channel’s three-hour friday night every week. alongside his work as a dj and radio host, orion also runs his own absence of facts label and regularly releases music on top-tier labels like mord, mindtrip, h-productions, suara, etc. no matter if it’s about performing live at a sold-out festival or a warehouse party, expanding the possibilities of djing with the latest technological innovations, hosting an electronic music conference, playing at kitkat in berlin, ministry of sound in london, or clubs in the usa, germany, greenland, russia, spain, etc., headlining new year’s party for 85000 people, 2000 people pool party or hosting live radio broadcasts from berlin, after over 25 years in the business it’s all still happening, and it’s all labor of love. “i’ve been lucky enough to have people around me who haven’t been there for money and fame but for the love of music. i guess none of us ever believed how big things could get far in the finnish outback, and i can’t give enough credit to all those who have been supporting and helping with all the countless productions”, dj orion shares.

Dj Renaz

dj renaz renaz ebrahimi is a music journalist and social justice educator specialized in popular music, equality and cross media. she also works as a social activist, expert and as a speaker. ebrahimi deals in her work with the societal dimensions of music, such as racism and sexism in the finnish music industries and music culture. she appears frequently in the media and for example the finnish broadcasting company (yle) as an expert on issues of equality and she has initiated several significant conversations on the topic in the media. as a journalist and presenter ebrahimi has worked at ylex, yle kioski and at radio helsinki and she also runs her own random life media platform. ebrahimi has collaborated with several researchers, artists, ngos and other societal actors.

DJ Yeboyah

dj yeboyah

dj yeboyah has been on a tear through finland with her energetic live presence and hiphop-, r&b & afrobeat focused dj sets. she has played at smaller clubs all the way to the biggest festivals in finland. not only is she acquired with a good taste in music, but also a strong sense in fashion.

most notably she is remembered for her flow festival red garden performance, which was packed with positive vibes and a full crowd. she also orchestrates smaller scale parties at kuudes linja (mellow yellow club) and kaiku (kweku).

on top of all this, she is also one of the most promising upcoming rappers in finland, most known for her 2017 single release ”broflake”. yeboyah is also part of the rap collective d.r.e.a.m.g.i.r.l.s which has sparked a lot of notoriety all through the land of a thousand lakes. this promising collective has had memorable performances at a full flow festival red arena, a sold out show at tavastia and all the way to ruisrock. she also features with artists such as gasellit, dilemma and pesso.


dream formerly on radio helsinki and now on basso radio, dream is one of the most popular dj duos in finland, with their own r&b and rap show. the duo of taika mannila and lina schiffer consists of only the best and most topical rap and r&b. when you know what you order - quality is guaranteed. dream always takes care of the party, no matter the venue; clubs, festivals, museums, boats, shops, terraces, fashion shows... photos by saara taussi


fwu fwu is a helsinki-based dj duo, featuring shy grl and twenpettie. the danceable and diverse selections range from amapiano to baile and from r&b and hiphop classics to the hottest soundcloud edits. the duo brings the party vibe to clubs, terraces, and events alike. in addition to the fwu show at the kuudes linja club, the duo has been spotted, among others, at sober furious, ruisrock, and helsinki pride. the duo is also familiar from the ida helsinki radio station (motions, myÖs).

Klaus Wing

klaus wing klaus wing is a helsinki-based broadcaster and a dj. as a founder of the weekly tings radio show and an active music journalist, he is known for introducing new national acts from finland as well as broadening one's perspective with gems from abroad. the tings show has attracted guests like jimi tenor, ed motta, thundercat, kamasi washington, dj craze, robert glasper, jose james, joyce moreno, makaya mccraven, and imogen heap. percussionist, he is an expert on brazilian rhythms and also plays with the group maajo, mixing african influences with electronic club music. klaus wing is also the curator and the musical co-programmer of magnesia festival in helsinki.

Krash Bandicute

krash bandicute krash bandicute is a true music enthusiast, whose dj sets range from alternative club music to rap and r&b. having started from a more experimental side, krash bandicute has quickly established herself in the finnish club scene. photos by samuli vienola


kuahu kuahu, an established nightlife collective based in helsinki, mixes genres with their own style — the r&b-based group's club nights feature a wide range of urban and electronic music, from rap bangers to disco and from world beats to alternative club music. kuahu's djs hunt down the internet's most interesting remixes and make the ones that others haven't yet invented. the collective's club nights have also hosted a wealth of local and international artists, including young franco, jael, and full crate.

Marc Fred

marc fred marc fred, who has been playing albums and touring actively in helsinki for years, is a connoisseur of warm and feel-good dance music. a passionate practitioner of new and older rhythm music, he has played in almost all of helsinki's most important venues for several years now and performs as a regular dj in kaiku and tenho, among others. in addition, he has played at flow festival, st. petersburg, and tallinn. modern and more classical disco and house and their sub-genres are fred's speciality, but other music styles can also be found on his sets in a very wide scale. a balearic, timeless, and elegant vision is always on marc's mind.

Mellow Yellow Club

mellow yellow club
mellow yellow is a collective of three helsinki-based djs: yeboyah, wekesa, and renaz, whose club nights are known for their warm atmosphere and heart-pounding selections. the collective's key aim is to promote safer spaces as part of the music and party culture. no harassment or discrimination of any kind is tolerated at clubs.


misha misha is a helsinki-based r&b and hip hop producer. misha's songs have been streamed more than 15 million times on spotify and have been played on domestic radio stations and on various media abroad, including bbc, wdr germany, and the south side series on hbo max. in finland, misha is better known by his stage name haamu. he has released five albums, the latest of which — 30 — was released by monsp records in 2020. misha has been a guest artist on tracks by pyhimys, paleface, asa, and others. he has also produced music for finnish artists such as kube, gettomasa, paleface, and stepa.

Paha Vaanii

paha vaanii paha vaanii is a club concept, an institution, and a way of life for dj laura vartio and dj harvest. popular from the summer sundays of club siltanen, this duo entertains and enthralls with finnish music. the line-up includes old and new, classics and forgotten gems, and specialties from eppu to kirka and nylon beat to chisu. paha vaanii's hallmarks are a dance guarantee, a happy atmosphere, and a full house. the warm evenings are filled with singing and dancing, tears of joy, twisting, snogging, squealing, and joking with a twinkle in the eye. paha vaanii fits right in from company christmas parties to yacht decks, and cottage parties to festivals. paha vaanii — finnish music, regardless of decade or genre. photo credit: andrea pozusis


skenikswee skenikswee is a familiar dj figure from helsinki's nightlife. the music lover's club history includes names such as tavastian lauantaidisko, uusi perjantai, kaikun keskiviikko, and new helsinki. skenikswee is also part of suomen suurimmat dj duo. skenikswee has accumulated gigs at a quick weekly pace around all the main clubs and festivals, both inside and outside of helsinki. the set selection varies depending on the event from fresh electro, indie, pop, hiphop, and rock sounds to the older soul, disco, and boogie classics.

Skidit Disko

skidit disko skidit disko launched the children's disco boom in finland by introducing the concept of family daytime dances at top clubs, a concept that has become popular around the world. the birthplace of skidit disko is kuudes linja and kaiku in helsinki's kallio, but the disco party has also been held on boats, at the helsinki music centre, in a museum, and at flow festival's family sunday.

Trevor Deep Jr.

trevor deep jr. trevor deep jr. is a finnish producer duo whose music is influenced by chicago and detroit, as well as the surroundings of their hometown, helsinki. the warmth and isolated feel of analog equipment are characteristic of the duo's music, which has been released on prestigious labels (such as delsin, n s y d e, and wptmwel). they also run their own label, hpty recordings. trevor deep jr.'s music has been praised for its diversity and vitality. in particular, their critically acclaimed debut album tdj (2015) was a personal album that proved the duo to be one of the most talented finnish producers of the moment. the duo have been long-time residents at helsinki's prestigious clubs, kaiku and Ääniwalli. their dj gigs feature everything from dark techno to banging house, as well as soul and disco. these men are true gentlemen and selectors.


vg+ is not only an artist and producer but also a versatile and experienced party dj. vg+, known from komposti sound, specializes in tropical and urban music; dancehall reggae, soca, afrobeat, hip hop, and r&b. however, the guy who has been playing records for almost 20 years knows how to entertain on a very wide scale, such as radio helsinki's perjantaimoodi programme and the monthly club night bad company, both of which feature vg+ playing music from all sides of the spectrum - but in a stylish and inventive way. with komposti sound, vg+ has toured extensively in central europe and a small tour of japan.


behind the dj name willamomafia are willamo's siblings dj skenikswee aka feniks willamo and his sister mimosa willamo. feniks willamo is known for e.g. as a long-term dj at tavastia's lauantaidisko, gig seller, guitarist of the band pasa, which has released three albums, and a kind of social influencer. mimosa willamo is an award-winning actress who has played roles in numerous films and series. mimosa, who is one of the most talented actors of the new generation, has won the jussi award for the best lead role and the best supporting role. at willamomafia's gigs, the crowd gets to enjoy both domestic favorites from different decades, as well as international classics, not forgetting more recent novelties. always a good time, satisfaction guarantee since 1992/1994.
photo: otto piispanen #willamomafia