Dj Renaz

Renaz Ebrahimi is a music journalist and social justice educator specialized in popular music, equality and cross media. She also works as a social activist, expert and as a speaker. Ebrahimi deals in her work with the societal dimensions of music, such as racism and sexism in the Finnish music industries and music culture. She appears frequently in the media and for example the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yle) as an expert on issues of equality and she has initiated several significant conversations on the topic in the media. As a journalist and presenter Ebrahimi has worked at YleX, Yle Kioski and at Radio Helsinki and she also runs her own Random Life media platform. Ebrahimi has collaborated with several researchers, artists, NGOs and other societal actors.


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Past shows

la 31.10.20

W/ Yeboyah
ANTI Festival, Kuopio