Rap/R&B artist Senya empowers her listeners with her music, which exudes confidence and “MAIN CHARACTER” energy. The artist, who also appeared on YleX‘s breakthrough list, has collaborated with many top producers such as MD$, Danitello, and Fractious Frank.

Senya’s debut album Vastaukset was released in 2022. The artist is currently working on her second album, of which we have already gotten a taste in the form of singles such as Varaa and Ikoni. The most recent single Tekijä was released in April 2024. During 2023, in addition to her own songs, the artist could be heard performing on Kiki’s Sokerii, Evelina’s Ei paineita, Maxin’s TÄÄ ILTA, and Hassan Maikal’s Ketä me huijataan songs.

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Sony Music Finland / Mira Hakomäki

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    Ideapark Drift & Truck Show, Seinäjoki

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