Scandinavian Music Group

The beloved Scandinavian Music Group has been delighting audiences with their original music for twenty years. With nine studio albums to their name, the band draws its strength from lifelong friendships and a shared desire to create something new. The result has been a long career that has seen SMG move from cool guitar rock to folk songs and then on to elegant art pop. At the heart of the band’s music, however, have always remained the melodies of guitarist Joel Melasniemi and the lyrics of soloist Terhi Kokkonen, from which the listener cannot be mistaken.


Terhi Kokkonen – vocals
Pauliina Kokkonen – vocals
Joel Melasniemi – guitar and keyboards
Antti Lehtinen – drums
Miikka Paatelainen – guitar
Oskari Halsti – bass
Miika Pylkkänen – keyboards
Jukka Nykänen – mixing

SMG trio:

Terhi Kokkonen – vocals
Joel Melasniemi – guitar
Antti Lehtinen – keyboards and sound design
Jukka Nykänen – mixing

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    Past shows

    pe 21.07.23

    Seinäjoen Vauhtiajot Race & Rock Festival, Seinäjoki

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    pe 14.07.23

    Kaustinen Folk Music Festival, Kaustinen

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    la 17.06.23

    Radio Nova Festivaali, Suvilahti, Helsinki

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    su 04.06.23

    Louhela Jam, Vantaa

    la 27.05.23

    Viking Line Gabriella (Helsinki-Tukholma-Helsinki)

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    la 23.07.22

    Uusi Tampere -festivaali, Tampere

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    to 16.06.22

    Burger Lovers Finland, Rautatientori, Helsinki

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    pe 10.06.22–
    su 12.06.2022

    Kesärauha, Turku

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