Onni Boi

Onni Boi is a Helsinki-based singer whose delicate and style-conscious electronic music evokes a nocturnal atmosphere.

The artist’s impressive debut EP was released in October 2017. The release, which included the second most played Finnish song of the year, Colors, received a lot of positive attention and brought the artist to perform in a packed tent at Flow Festival.

Onni Boi’s second EP They’re Good But They’re Not Funny Like You was released in the spring of 2019 and showed that the artist is strongly heading towards international waters. The stunning music video for the single Tides was also nominated for an Emma Award.

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    No upcoming shows.

    Past shows

    to 06.10.22

    On The Rocks (Silmien takana -klubi), Helsinki

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    la 25.06.22

    Stadin Juhannus, Lonna, Helsinki

    la 05.03.22

    Ääniwalli, Helsinki

    la 11.12.21

    Ääniwalli, Helsinki

    la 14.08.21

    Korjaamon kesäpiha, Helsinki

    la 08.08.20

    Concreate Urban Art Festival, Helsinki

    la 08.08.20

    Yksityistilaisuus, Helsinki

    to 24.10.19

    Marski Live x Basso, Helsinki

    la 12.10.19

    Noblessneri valukoda, Tallinna

    ke 09.10.19

    After Eight, Pietarsaari

    ke 02.10.19

    Olympia, Lost In Music, Tampere

    ke 18.09.19

    G Livelab, Helsinki

    la 07.09.19

    Under The Bridge, Helsinki

    la 03.08.19

    Dreams, Porvoo

    pe 02.08.19

    Tavastia (All Dayn kesäklubi), Helsinki

    pe 19.07.19

    Weekend Festival, Suvilahti, Helsinki

    la 08.06.19

    Koff Spåra, Helsinki

    pe 07.06.19

    Sideways, Helsinki

    la 11.05.19

    ALL DAY ON!, Suvilahti, Helsinki

    pe 05.04.19

    W/ SOFA & Yeboyah
    Vasemmistoliiton konserttikiertue, YO-talo Tampere

    la 30.03.19

    W/ Yeboyah
    Vasemmistoliiton konserttikiertue, The Circus, Helsinki

    la 09.02.19

    Valoa Festival 2019, Pakkahuone, Tampere

    pe 07.12.18

    Yksityistilaisuus, Tallinna

    to 06.12.18

    Basson Itsenäisyyspäivän vastaanotto 2018, Valkoinen Sali, Helsinki

    ke 05.12.18

    Blanko, Turku

    pe 16.11.18

    Kämp Galleria, Helsinki

    ti 13.11.18

    W/ F
    Suostumus 2018, Tavastia, Helsinki

    to 01.11.18

    Tenho, Helsinki

    pe 12.10.18

    Superwood Festival, Helsinki

    pe 05.10.18

    Lost In Music, Tampere

    la 15.09.18

    Onni Boi @ Weekday re-opening (Tiivistämö), Helsinki

    pe 14.09.18

    Dynamo, Turku

    pe 07.09.18

    "All In" -klubi, Casino Helsinki, Helsinki

    la 18.08.18

    Weekend Festival, Helsinki

    pe 10.08.18

    Flow Festival, Helsinki

    pe 03.08.18

    Kaupungin Äänet 2018, Lahti

    pe 03.08.18

    Magnesia Festival, Helsinki

    la 28.07.18

    Summervibe, Helsinki

    pe 27.07.18

    Sweet Spot Music Festival, Kultuurikattel, Tallinna

    pe 20.07.18

    Uusi Tampere, Tampere

    ke 18.07.18

    Leblon, Helsinki

    la 14.07.18

    Turku Modern, Turku

    ke 11.07.18

    Basson After Work, Groteski, Helsinki

    su 08.07.18

    Ruisrock, Turku

    la 16.06.18

    Hangon Casino, Hanko

    pe 15.06.18

    Bassline Festival, Helsinki

    la 19.05.18

    Klubi, Tampere

    ke 16.05.18

    Ateneum-klubi, Helsinki

    to 01.03.18

    W/ Pesso
    Siltanen, Helsinki

    pe 16.02.18

    Mars Festival, Rytmikorjaamo, Seinäjoki

    ti 05.12.17

    Belge, Helsinki