Eevil Stöö & Stepa

Stepa and Teosto Award winner Eevil Stöö released their joint album in April 2023.

Early that same year, Eevil Stöö and Stepa embarked on a highly popular eight-city joint tour, which included full-length sets by both artists. Most of the shows on the tour were sold out.

Eevil Stöö, who has been in the game for twenty years, is an original gem of Finnish rap. Eevil Stöö’s lyrics and compositions on his Marsipan Wave album were awarded the prestigious Teosto Award in May 2022. Eevil Stöö’s pen has not tired with his 2022 albums Puolikas tiili and Dungeon & Dragon. Stepa is known for his good humor and cheerful spirit, as well as his never-ending career as a rapper. The artist’s previous album, Siistii räppii, contains ten tracks, all of which are peppered with summer-y, laid-back productions. The Sodankylä-based artist has an impressive and diverse music resume.

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