All Day’s Equality Plan aims to promote equality in all aspects of All Day’s activities and the music industry. The plan was last reviewed and updated on 30 March 2023.


Equality is one of All Day’s core values. We want to promote equality and safety within our company, at the events we organise and in the music industry in general.

All the All Day employees, job applicants, represented artists and stakeholders are equal regardless of age, ethnic or national origin, language, religion, belief, health, disability, sexual orientation or other similar personal characteristics.

We recognise our dominant position in the music industry and condemn any form of racism, sexual abuse, mental and physical violence, misogyny, abuse of power, homophobia, transphobia, ableism or any other behaviour that violates human dignity and harms fellow human beings. 

We actively seek to address the inequalities we see and to dismantle unequal structures. We are committed to training, development, learning, listening and, where necessary, looking in the mirror. We also demand equal treatment from our stakeholders and the artists we represent.


In spring 2021, we carried out an extensive study to examine All Day’s operations and environment from an equality perspective. We went through all the customer feedback we received, our company strategy and the case studies that had been done for us. We looked at the development of our roster and gig fees and had discussions with the artists we represent. We also carried out an equality survey for our staff and held equality workshops for all our staff.

Based on the customer feedback we received, All Day had not received much negative feedback from concert audiences in relation to equality issues. In those cases where feedback had been related to equality, we responded immediately and had discussions with our staff on how to improve our performance. Once the matter had been resolved, the feedback had been positive. The proportion of minorities in our Artist roster has steadily increased throughout the company’s existence. This upward trend is also reflected in our gig fees.

At the time of the survey, 43% of All Day’s employees were women and 57% were men. The proportion of women has risen by 10% since the company was founded. In the staff survey, All Day was perceived as an equal and safe place to work. The survey did not reveal any major shortcomings in relation to equality issues. 

However, there were concerns about the implementation of equality in the selection of management and front-line staff, the use of inappropriate language in the music industry in general and the reconciliation of work and life. It was also noted that All Day has not yet had any minority representatives working for it. Discrimination had been observed on a few occasions by stakeholder representatives, but in all cases, it was felt that discrimination had been addressed. All respondents expressed a wish for more training opportunities on equality issues.


Our objective is to maintain a positive development situation with our clients and our roster by working for equality in a long-term and continuous way. We also aim to guide artists, gig buyers, partners and visitors to our gigs to do their part to promote equality. We aim to keep the gender balance of our employees at least at the current level. We dare to talk openly about equality issues within the company and in our public communication.

We promote equality through measures such as:

  • Making equality an integral part of All Day’s values and strategy
  • We will develop an equality plan for All Day and highlight it on our website.
  • Appoint an Equality Officer
  • We will add a contract clause to All Day’s artist endorsement agreements, which will be binding on both parties.
  • We will include a safer space policy in the artists’ tracks
  • We will post the safer space guidelines on all All Day events’ FB pages and ticketing pages and encourage venues to do the same 
  • We will add an anonymous and open job application on the website. 
  • We will hold regular training sessions for staff on equality issues and conduct an annual staff survey.
  • We regularly review our roster of artists in terms of equality and diversity of representation


In addition to our day-to-day work, the implementation of the Equality Plan is monitored through annual strategy implementation and artist roster reviews, performance reviews, anonymous feedback, staff surveys and artist surveys.


Ulla Varis ( ulla@allday.fi / +358 40 027 9228 ) is All Day Agency’s Equality Officer.