DJ Yeboyah

DJ Yeboyah has been on a tear through Finland with her energetic live presence and hiphop-, R&B & and Afrobeat-focused DJ sets. She has played at venues all the way from smaller clubs to the biggest festivals in Finland. Not only is she equipped with a good taste in music, but also a strong sense in fashion.

Most notably she is remembered for her Flow Festival Red Garden performance, which was packed with positive vibes and a full crowd. She also orchestrates smaller scale parties at Kuudes Linja (Mellow Yellow Club) and Kaiku (KWEKU).

On top of all this, she is also one of the most promising upcoming rappers in Finland, most known for her 2017 single Broflake. Yeboyah has additionally performed as a part of the D.R.E.A.M.G.I.R.L.S -rap show, which has sparked a lot of notoriety all through the Land of a Thousand Lakes. Yeboyah has had memorable performances, for instance, at a full Flow Festival Red Arena, a sold-out show at Tavastia, and on the stages of Ruisrock. She has also featured artists such as Gasellit, Dilemma, and Pesso.

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    Menneet keikat

    to 12.12.19

    Yksityistilaisuus, Helsinki

    to 17.10.19

    Kauppakeskus Tripla

    pe 14.06.19

    Vanha yo-talo, Helsinki

    la 11.05.19

    All Day ON!, Suvilahti Helsinki

    ke 03.04.19 fashion show, Helsinki

    pe 29.03.19

    The Circus, Helsinki

    pe 29.03.19

    The Circus, Helsinki

    to 28.03.19

    Sokos Hotel Flamingo, Vantaa

    to 15.03.18

    Helsinki Contemporary Galleria, Helsinki

    to 08.03.18

    Hesperianpuisto, Helsinki

    to 08.03.18

    Stockmann, Helsinki

    pe 23.02.18

    W/ Aksim & Ike
    Kuudes Linja, Helsinki

    la 17.02.18

    W/ DREAM & F
    Ääniwalli, Helsinki

    pe 12.01.18

    Kuudes Linja, Helsinki